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WHO We Are

CVSAFE (Chula Vista Safety and Fellowship Establishment) is a non-partisan community group in the Eastlake / Rolling Hills Ranch communities dedicated to preserving safe neighborhoods. We support city planning which promotes beneficial programs for youth, seniors and families. After closely examining Acadia Healthcare’s 120 bed inpatient psychiatric hospital, we oppose the project. Mental healthcare services are an important need but the siting and planning for such facilities must be done carefully and fit the needs of both the patients and the community. We believe siting such a large (120 bed inpatient) psychiatric hospital in a long-established residential neighborhood next to schools and businesses providing services and programs for our youth and families is bad planning.

Our research indicates that siting such facilities on or near existing hospital campuses where emergency services are available for the patients and nursing staff is the better practice. This page includes documents and source materials which leads us to believe that the operator, Acadia Healthcare, is not a good community partner and they have chosen a location that does not meet the needs of either those in need of mental health services or the community in which they propose to build it.

Our page will be updated periodically as new information becomes available check back often for updates.


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