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Oregon Memorandum Details Abuse in Commercial Foster Care Facilities


October 21, 2019 Updated: October 23, 2019

Acadia Healthcare

“Acadia Healthcare, based in Tennessee, is operated by the same corporate senior management team that formerly headed Psychiatric Solutions Inc. (PSI), which was acquired by UHS [Universal Health Services] in 2010. … At Acadia, not only are there undisclosed criminal indictments and convictions of former employees for the death or assault of patients, but we found allegations that Acadia has:

  • Destroyed evidence

  • Falsified documents

  • Duped regulators during audits

  • Covered up incidents of patient abuse

  • Submitted fictitious billings to the government

  • Failed to disclose regulatory investigations at certain facilities

  • Retaliated against multiple whistleblowers.”

The report delves into further detail on the problematic companies.

“DRO [Disability Rights Ohio] investigators also discovered a pattern of substandard quality of care at the Acadia-operated Ohio Hospital for Psychiatry, including sexual assaults, physical abuse, and other harmful incidents and quality-deficit problems within the hospital,” Davidson wrote.

“Relevant DRO findings can be summarized in the following comments from their published report: ‘substantiated allegations of sexual and physical abuse’; ‘failure to provide treatment in a trauma-informed setting for survivors of sexual abuse’; ‘failure to request basic medical records and provide appropriate care, resulting in one case of a patient being placed on emergency life support’; ‘using seclusion in an unsafe manner and outside of licensure requirements’; ‘incomplete treatment and discharge plans, placing patients and the public at risk’; [and] ‘using hurtful, outdated, and stigmatizing diagnostic language (e.g., retarded) in patient records.’

“On March 7, 2019, the Chicago Tribune published a Page-1 article on an Acadia RTC near Chicago—headlined ‘6 women sexually abused by counselor at women’s rehab center Timberline Knolls, prosecutors say’—which detailed a longstanding pattern of sexual assaults and abuse of patients at the facility, including reports by prosecutors that Acadia administrators actually delayed notifying law enforcement officials of these incidents for several weeks—and then only after Acadia officials learned that police already were investigating complaints by patients.

“According to the Tribune: ‘A police detective asked a Timberline administrator why Timberline had waited at least the three weeks since July 16 to report [the employee’s] potential crimes. The administrator explained to police that administrators of individual Acadia facilities ‘have to contact corporate with these matters and corporate tells them to investigate and investigate more before they are allowed to call police,’ according to a police report released to the Tribune under open records laws.”

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