How An Acadia Healthcare psychiatric hospital makes millions off patients who have no choice

An article published on September 18, 2019 by The Tampa Bay Times states:

  • Patients are held captive and cut off from their families. Then using loopholes, Acadia holds patients longer than allowed, running up their bills while they are powerless to fight back.

  • Thousands of hospital admission records, police reports, state inspections, court records and financial filing were reviewed by The Times.

  • Since 2014, North Tamps Behavioral, one of Acadia’s behavioral-psychiatric facilities, has been cited 72 times for unsafe conditions and code violations.

  • Martha Lenderman, an expert on Florida’s mental health law, described the way North Tamps Behavioral facility routinely extends patients’ stays as a “red flag” and some of the tactics the hospital uses she called “shocking.”

  • At least six people committed under Florida’s Baker Act have been able to escape. In 2014 a mental health technician punched an autistic man and kicked him repeatedly in the head.

  • Two patients reported sexual assaults at the facility in 2018.

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