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Eastlake Behavioral Hospital Proximity to Schools

Lock down concerns over proximity: The proposed Hospital does not provide sufficient separation for adequate response times in a worst case scenario Source: Rocklin Police Department

If the schools neighboring this facility needed to lock down the distance of the school and hospital would not allow, Kid Ventures Monstessori Preschool and Pacific Coast 7 - 12, enough time to do that given the proximity.

acadia eastlake behavioral hospital proximity to schools
proximity of eastlake behavioral hospital to schools

List of schools within 1.5miles:

1. 400ft Monstessori preschool 400ft

2. Pacific Coast Christian k-12 700ft

3. Green Hills Bilingual Learning Academy .5 Miles

4. Eastlake Kindercare .7Miles

5. Salt Creek Elementary 1 Mile

6. Learning Choice Academy 1 Miles

7. Eastlake Church Preschool 1.1 Miles

8. Thurgood Marshall 1.2 Miles

9. Eastlake Middle School 1.4 Miles

10. Arroyo Vista Charter 1.4 Miles

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