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Acadia Offenses

There are hundreds of Acadia Healthcare campuses Nationwide and thousands of allegations, lawsuits and convictions within their umbrella. This is a very brief summary documenting a few of the abuses, crimes and gross negligence Acadia Healthcare has been accused or convicted of.


Bad Neighbor/ Dangerous Neighbor:






Danger to its patients / Death / Sexual Assaults:





  • Acadias negligence contributed to the deaths of two patients within a five day span at the Belmont Behavioral Hospital, and the state cited Belmont for multiple deficiencies including lack of staff and failure to have facilities designed to prevent suicide, and State inspectors declared that facility as a state of imminent danger months before these events occurred, yet no appropriate corrections were made.






  • Because staffing is Acadia’s single largest expense, currently representing roughly 53% of total revenues, staff cuts are common to save on staffing expenses at Acadia facilities to unsafe levels.  Yet having appropriate staffing, in terms of both quantity and quality of people, is critical because some patients are dangerous to themselves and others, requiring intense supervision and precise administration of treatment.


  • May 2017 - January 2018, On-going abuse and neglect left and elderly Veteran and patient, Myron Ballou, seriously injured and on the brink of death. Government inspection documents also reported other allegations of sexual harassment and physical abuse at the Oklahoma hospital. The hospital didn't investigate to determine if the reports were legitimate, according to inspection reports.


Cover up/ Corporate Crime:




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